A change is gonna come.


A change is gonna come.

As Africans

We don’t have to wait for

Bright lights

Or supersonic beings on clouds in the sky

Or objects flying unidentified

Why search for the truth

When it’s right

Before your eyes?

Trust me.

You cannot trust

Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck

If a change is gonna come

It won’t come wrapped up in the back of

A Burger King truck


We don’t have to wait for

International unions

To cement our union with donor cheques

Signed with guilt

Our people know about unity

And it’s not in any of their

Hair relaxers or diet pills

Trust me.

Like the ones before us

They know they cannot ignore us

So they invented Aids

To cure us

Set us free

We’re getting closer to changing times

Just read between my lines

They reinvented the slave scheme

Clothing labels have become the new dreams


As Africans

We've gotta know that

A change is gonna come

‘Cause in life’s time

One hundred years barely equal a month

They think they’ve got us all

Under their skin

They forget that we’ll always shine through

In the end, we’re gonna win

But until that day comes around

I find my peace in the words of Sam Cooke

“It’s been a long time coming

But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will…”

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