A Dawn Before A Flight Back.


A Dawn Before A Flight Back.

peak of dawn said

"you'd call it a night,"

that you had work at the PMs

and would return to the forum

in its empty glory then.

shaked the 2's off your dreads

tied the bagpack straps to your waist

and went to recreate ET on your bike ride home;


why my heartlines attach so willingly, with such bravery, is beyond me.


we grow fond of faces we might not see again

shake hands gag

exchange names, where were you from again?

and the brain will not learn

that with every farewell i grow weaker as well.


idris waved goodnight, i waved goodbye (in case)


(we talked one last time the next night,

the haze of nostalgia got the best of my mind, i cried)


my laptop will die in 20 minutes

from your unplugging the charger

off some earthly concern, and i regret leaving

with the prospect of

a friend.

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