A Stranger at the Airport.


A Stranger at the Airport.

It was the 7th of January,

A week into the new year,

That my brother,

my mother and I were at the airport.


My brother,

returning whence he came,

the land of the Dutch,

had to catch a flight,

And so the three of us

were at the airport terminal that night.


Perhaps it was the light,

perhaps it was the night,

perhaps it was the time (ten thirty),

perhaps it was that moment,

those seconds - thirty!


As mum was engaged

 in conversation with a friend,

and I stood beside my brother,

a girl I hadn't seen before appeared, facing me.


I looked at her briefly,

and she glanced at me,

before I shyly turned away,

only to look back an instant later;

it was then that I saw,

what she wore,

was a twin of what I had on

- A grey t shirt that read

"Hogwarts Alumni"


Soon as I noticed the similarity,

I acknowledged it.

then she smiled at me,

and I returned the gesture.


In that instant,

we spoke no other language,

other than that of a smile,

and that of the eyes,

which had me believe,

I understood her.


Oh Lord,

if only I was on that flight,

if only I'd tried to know her,

I would understand her better,

if only I could see her again,

she wouldn't be

just another stranger at the airport.

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