Bare Mirage.


Bare Mirage.

Looking ahead

I can see a picturesque pond

Joyfulness filled my body, Finally! It exists

I’ll use all my energy, I will use all of it, I insist

It exists

I am blinded by optimism

I come closer

Leaning over to touch the water

It does not exist

It is a bare mirage


Utter confusion found it’s way to me

What part of the empty glass didn’t you see?

Drop after drop of despair leaked down the roof of my mind

The drops soon turned into a turbulent ocean as they combined


Bewilderment took over

Will this ever come to a closure?


I was oblivious of the drainage cover for the ocean of drops

Oblivion it is

I pull the cover

I let go of it

The water leaks out

My mind is free of the turbulent ocean

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