Being Human.


Being Human.

Wish you could be here

To share this new land with us, my brother

We’ve come so far

Yet we are nowhere near

Where we really need to be

But you’ve laid the foundation that inspires me

To be human


Wish you could be here

Help us reignite that struggle for the freedom

Of our minds

We are running million Rand corporations

Yet we’re running scared

And out of time

To act human


Wish you could be here

And see that poverty is still around, my brother

Our people waited for the dream to become

A reality

Guess that it wasn’t its time to be

So the struggle must continue

And we must believe in your ideals

And fight to feel human


Wish you could be here

To see how this country has grown

Has come into its own

We’re building a super power in Africa

Imagine that

Yet the majority is still poor

And those who have, want more

But lack the desire

To feel human


Wish you could be here

Here, where the pursuit of material riches

Has taken over the pursuit of

Enriching the mind Here, where what you have

Defines who you are

Here, where nothing has changed between the haves

And the have-nots

And our people are still not treated as

Human beings


 If you could be here today

You’ll see that colour is still an issue

Damn, how our people need you

The race to freedom will continue to be a race

Until all the races are free

And when we do not need to judge

Based on pigmentation

The day when good human relations

Will be the basis of this nation,

South Africa

Long live, Bantu Steve Biko!

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