Better Now.


Better Now.

It was the fairytale I had in mind

where a prince needs to be chivalrous and strong

and I need to be treated as princess, which I'm not

I'm certainly deluded, naive, and flabbergasted.


Now my bubbles pop, I live in real world

where a man can be as fragile as a woman

he needs care as much as i do

and I need to do some saving too.


It was good, it was bad

it was fun, it was sad

I learned to grow through the cracks

but I'd never do it any way other than that.


Maybe he's not my Prince Charming,

and I’m not his Cinderella

but I still believe in forever, my forever, his forever.

Now that he's writing his own story,

my only prayer is that she keeps him happy, then I'm happy


I think I love you better now.

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