Enclosure With a Certain Disclosure.


Enclosure With a Certain Disclosure.

A story that triggers and leads

from a body that pleadshuman mind altered by nicotine

cannabis and morphine Displeasure from things that are slow tiny bomb with a big blow

reversal of actions not anymore a reality continuity of life not any more a guarantee

a loaded pistol by the side

just 1 bullet b/w freedom and life the affordability of getting high is there

what the world says, he really doesn’t care

life is a stress but he has the cure

bliss is definite or at least it is for sure

but wait, he had lost his job way back

how his finances are, he doesn’t have a track

a letter slips through the slit in the front doors

wishes sideways, making its way to the floor it is from the bank, a statement of his account

his liabilities are as he sees, high and paramount he sees the pistol just 1 bullet b/w freedom and life

 His eyes fall on a picture in a frame

they left, she put him in the blame

he didn’t need them he had said out loud

his beloved children who made him proud

he picks up the gun and fires a sho

ta bullet leaves the barrel and punctures his heart

the door opens and sees some figures

his head jams up and he gets intermittent seizures

we’re back say the children and come running to their dad

we left you when we should never have had

we’ll stay with you and there’ll be no more byes

he sees their faces a last time and closes his eyes.

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