For Hire.


For Hire.

This particular dayI was getting late

No time for breakfast

On a plateI was in a hurry

All things lied scurry

Stuffed food in my mouth

Head hits the wall, couldn't shout

Couldn't sit but did turn around to console myself I uttered a sound

I got our of my house

Located on E-ring

Got into the car Couldn't see the steering

Fumbled through my pocketsto find the keys

The only thing that came outwere salted peas

I realized I was sitting in the backseat

When there were no pedals below my feet"right right", I said to myselfI had to take a Taxi to work

All of a sudden I hear a thunder roar

the sound came from a guy running towards me I was sure

When the Yellow Car owner gave me a jab

I realized: This is Qatar! The car had to be green to be a cab.

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