He Is.


He Is.

He is fire upon fire 

He is serious satire


He is hoodies even on a hot summer day 

He is passion

He is the lack of any sense of fashion 

He is absolute undivided attention at the movie theatre

He is every theme song in every film ever played

He is a million questions spawning a million more

He is headshot sprees and double kills

He is going ham on the comms shouting call outs 

I got your 6 

Watch the flank

The boss has spawned take him take him out take him out


He is competition...personified 

He is a salty loser

He is the best apology and please forgive me

He is stand strong

He is I stand corrected

He is the life of the party

He is the one who gets in trouble 

He is confrontation without compromise

He is sometimes his own demise

He is defiant


He is trust, loyalty and respect above all

He is heated speech to rally the troops into battle 

He is the hype

He is a kid holding his ice cream cone melting on one side

He is a song he can't sing

He is an old soul! The oldest

He is a blues song on a hot summer night by the bank of the Mississippi 

He is a jazz skat

He is a dream within a dream

He is amateur philosophy with a gleam

He is sometimes mean


He is a requiem for infinite possible futures...never seen

He is all the mistakes he didn't mean

He is human in every single way

He is the one who wants to stay 

He is a lover oh hey hey hey

He is a brother with a big capital B 

He loves the letter V

He is convinced kindness to one another is the answer to all the questions that ever were and ever will be

He is me 

I am him

He is he

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