I See.


I See.

18 years I lived,

I’ve seen my fair share,

Seen some beautiful,

And some terrible things.


 I’ve seen empires built,

 On man’s work,

 On child’s dreams,

 And I’ve seen them fall.


I’ve seen nature,

Shatter the Earth,

Tear apart lands,

And wash away homes.


 I’ve seen,

 Buildings collapse,

 And I’ve seen death,

 Welcome its guests with open arms.


I’ve seen,

People die,

And people kill,

I’ve seen souls weep and hearts cry.


 I’ve seen men,

 Put to rest,

 Tons of innocents,

 And their families.


I’ve seen people panic,

And flock their neighbours’ doors,

I’ve seen their desolate shelters,

And all their labour.


 Among other things,

 I’ve seen,

 Love win,

 And hate lose.


I’ve seen,

The face of Hope,

Amidst a crowd,

Of Despaired.


 So I ask you,

 Do you see,

 What I see?

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