Let’s Start Altogether.


Let’s Start Altogether.

let’s start altogether

let me hear you snap


that’s what i’m talking about

it’s not a shout

it’s a prayer


and while you may be unaware

of who is in that chair next to you

it’s what we do in our lair

slaying devil-may-care

and laissez-faire attitudes

without clapping


we’re snapping


we’re rapping in the Q

a who’s who of absurd things

words and strings


and birds

and flings of fancy

not flighty

we’re almighty

and then some


we chew gum if it’s cool

and act the fool

and i’ll be damned if it’s not

some kind of school

for learning’


i’m burning through these pages

at a smolder

and while i may be a tad older

than the bolder among you

or the best

i’m blessed


the rest of you

made it too

the end

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