Moonlit Driveways.


Moonlit Driveways.

I think of a lilac roseIt brings back all those scented thoughts of your smile

Uneasy, joyful, petaled garments blossoming upon your lips

Unpredictable, trembling moments of meeting heartbeats

Unsteady gazes of forbidden longings aroused by my gentle touch


I write of a candle

The soft undertone of my breath anguishes you

Scalding you slowly, cajoling a million unlived dreams of us

A fire in your soul being kindled with each second of separation

Consuming honey, you are the spirit behind these utterances


I speak of angels

They strike a chord within me of your ethereal grace

Your heavenly elegance pulsating prayers to Paradise

Your eternal beauty shining through

You are the Snow-white Moon

gleaming woefully in the loneliness of the twilight sky


I sing of isolated shorelines

Calm ebbs and flows of turquoise seas

Kissing untamed rocks in wonder

Jagged memories of moonlit driveways

Velvet tainted nights embracing your surreal body

Hoping the keys of truth be lost for all of time


I whisper of you and me—

How perfectly embedded we secretly are, within each other

Like the embalmed incense of burning amber

A million miles to that perfumed loving instant

Do not ever let me leave you behind

as the melancholy smoke that bids farewell to a smoldering ember

I cannot survive without the feverish ache of your fragrant love


Please, never let me go!

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