My Ink and Guts.


My Ink and Guts.

All I have is guts with a piece of paper and 3inch pencil.

I started to draw a line and a dot, I really don't know what to write but I keep on holding on my pencil till I draw another line and another dot. Continuously..... And I wrote..

"I'll travel the world with my words

Though I'm afraid of heights

My dreams are bigger than my fears

And I choose to create than to be scared"


I stopped for a while and asked my self, smiling... I want to travel the world? With a long sigh... (hhhhaaayyysssttt)

I continued...

"My pen is my sword with enough sharpness to conquer the world

My imagination has no limit

I can draw the sun shining on midnight

I can walk in the sea and catch stars under

And take the moon as cookies"


Again I stopped for a little snack.

And asked my self again. How could a crazy me travel the world? (Laughing out loud )

I continued...

"I could paint the world and color it my way

I could dance off beat and defeat the heat

I could drive my own life wherever I want to

And nothing could stop me even dawn break through'


Suddenly reality hit me and turn me into blue. I felt heavy sadness and my eyes got red and ready to flow

I nod and ask my self.... how will i pursue my dreams if I have nothing. How can I reach my goal if I'm not rich. I don't know what I'm into, I dropped my pencil and my head fell down.


Sigh.. ( hayyyssstttt)

It took a little while

I picked my pencil and stare at my piece. And said if my 3inch pencil could help me why couldn't I help my self.

I don't know what has happened but it was like someone whispered and said (wake up and continue your journey )



So I continued...

"Wealth is never a hindrance

A million always starts from zero

A good painting always start from scratch

A castle starts from draft"

I realized that life is not just a journey its actually a stage of learning. Life never stops with what you have learned today, take one more step and you will learn something new tomorrow. It may take time, of course. But always remember "sweetest fruits for those who patiently wait" all you need is to dream big and work for it. Work hard for it.

And It comes like this...


"My dream is my key success

It may take too long and too hard

But It will never stop me from dreaming

Nothing could hold me back

I will make it, no matter what"


And I promised... tomorrow I will reign the world with my PEN and PAPER.



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