My Sun And Stars.


My Sun And Stars.

As am trying to write for you

my words shrink, pale, fade 

trying to describe the perfection that it is you.

Ink stains cannot describe you

you can only be described with a painting in a museum

a carnival with your name

a perfect book that takes your breath away with every page

so as am trying to write you this

I keep failing miserably

failing in portraying everything that I see in you

because you're so much everything

you're a collection of everything I wanted

and everything I never knew I wanted, but needed, all in one

God answered prayers I never said,

prayers I kept deep in my heart

because I was too afraid to utter the words

in fear of having an illusion dressed as something real

so god bless the day we crossed paths

because that day, god sent me a blessing without disguise

the only curse was not being able to look in your eyes while saying those things to you

so let's embrace this distance

I'm willing to wait for another miracle to happen

than to abandon the miracle that already happened to me, and you

i love you silently, subtly

because this love is too heavy a burden for both of us to handle

although i wouldn't mind carrying all its weight

just to hear it from you

so i hide it all behind metaphors and synonyms

behind vague poems that i wish could say the crystal clear truth

that i don't need the day anymore to tell me what to do

nor the night to tell me what to think

i just need you, my sun and stars

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