Occupied Tongue.


Occupied Tongue.

This is a broken poem

this is a far cry from proper literature

you'll have to excuse my English with its broken grammar

excuse my funny accent and my faulty pronunciation

for you see, English is not my mother tongue

am the child of a colonial matrimony

forced marriage of father greed and mother nature

foreign words shoved in the throats of my grandfathers

this language is a parasite in my tongue

one that I'm not able to heal from

it has it clutches deep in my throat 

my words, my thoughts and my writings

are all infected with this linguistic epidemic

i was robbed of my tongue and my culture

stories of black pharaohs and tales of great Nubian civilizations

replaced with white lies and ignored by the media

they made us believe there are not any kings and queens but Arthur and Elizabeth

well, what do you know about King Kashta and Kandake Queens?

and when they stripped us away from everything they possibly can

they left, and left us in ruins

expected us to just move on

"it happened hundreds of years ago!" they keep saying

as if a child can get over an abusive household

without being permanently damaged

i am drenched in guilt

every single time i write with this language that i recognize more than my own

every letter feels like treason

every line feels like betrayal

every poem feels like neglect

so am sorry, my mother tongue

its been so long, and i don't recognize you anymore

but my pen longs for you, so please

be kind enough to visit, every once in a while

my door is always open for you

come, and liberate my tongue from this foreign occupation

am tired of being a slave to this language

my pen is tired of writing these crooked letters


freedom, doesn't feel the same as حرية

peace, doesn't feel the same as سلام

love, doesn't feel the same as حُب

revolution, doesn't feel the same as ثورة

so please, come and break these shackles

and set both my tongue and my pen free

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