On How to Be Free.


On How to Be Free.

A bell rings

A glass door slams shut

Hey there! Welcome to my humble apothecary

I have medicine and I have remedies for all that ailles the body and mind

Tell me good sir what troubles you and I will have what will surely satisfy 

Ahhh the trouble is in your heart


Well I'm merely an alchemist but I am seasoned.

I've aged! Many winters have passed me.

I've seen, known and learned a few things.

So tell me good sir what is it that stings? 


Mmhm mmhm mmhm I see 


Yes I have heard of this.

It is a strange affliction... 


Let's see (Loud and serious) Kind sir I'm gonna ask you a few questions and please answer truthfully 

Do you feel confused? Even lost sometimes?

Lack of purpose...

Don't know who you are?...

 A little confuzzled on the specifics of "identity" and where you stand in the world? 

What you're meant to do?

If you're good or bad?

If your dreams deserve to come true? 

If you're teens are still you? 

If you'll one day be the man or woman, little 5 year old you thought you'd be?

If anything you do matters or if you're just a tiny worthless drop in a big stormy sea?  


Yes it's a modern man's predicament 



Too much to do, too little time. 

You have more yes but somehow more is less

Make a reminder here

Leave a note there

 Run to meet these guys

And when you're done make sure to send them an email 

But it's not just the technology 

It's a mixed bag of freedom? Choice? Freedom of choice? and a small part biology

Inherent flaw, an imperfect design (spoken fast) 


You see it's sad but true 

In other words it's gospel but blue

Brother they lied to you 

They spammed the airwaves with an image of who you should be

You think the distorted self image they projected was only for teenage girls struggling to fit in bikinis?

The lesson was taught by teachers with a false degree 

Lesson no. 1: You know best! Don't listen to anyone who tells you any different 

Lesson no. 2: The best thing you can do is not be on a limited income. You're all entrepreneurs now

Lesson no.3: You're a citizen of the world, please forget about your roots, your culture, your color, your background and  Self confidence...yes yes of course you must have self confidence

Everyone is special but they don't know what it means 


 All part of a new world order  

Everything new is for the better

Discard anything old. They're all probably sinners. 


Brother! I AM NO DOCTOR BUT (spoken softly) please...listen to me (pleading/begging) 


We didn't evolve we're still killers

Our wooden catapults are now metal canons! They're just bigger

The guns are all different but it's still the same trigger 

Look at the world man and tell me are we a big beautiful butterfly? 

Or are we still a leachy greedy dirt eating caterpillar  


They wanna paint the future like heaven and the past like hell

Hindsight is 20/20 so it's easy to tell

A community where everyone was cast with a purpose was mad efficient

No one lost, no one mad with choice, everyone had their mission

They taught you you were "led" and that you broke free from your chains

Tell that to the homeless and the poor living under on peanuts and grains.

Ask them if they wanted their freedom or if they wanted their freedom 


They got you on a wild goose chase for dreams made of gold. That car (point)that shirt (point), these shades and the same old boring roles. 

If you think these comforts of life are your prize? Then miskeen brother I'm afraid you've already lost.


Excuse me? Remedy? Ahhh yes of course I almost forgot. Please follow these instructions to the tee


Know your priorities in life! Set them straight! 

If you don't know what they are just ask yourself what makes you feel great? 

Here's a little secret: Making others around you happy is guaranteed to put you in an ecstatic state (Finger snap/ point and a wink)

Honesty is always the answer, don't lie!

When you mess up, ask for forgiveness.

Kick your ego to the curb and be humble. 

This step is tough but you really oughta do it if you want to start feeling better quicker

Be reckless! go all out and love everything and everyone. Master Rumi taught me that one 

Kiss your mother every night and in the morning 

If you're married your wife too

Unless you're married and still live with your mother then kiss each on their own accordingly

Be kind to those who are unkind. They need it the most.

Oh and of course have a good breakfast 1st thing in the morning, don't stand in the AC after you've come out the shower and get your 8 hours of sleep 


Follow these steps and inshallah you'll feel as good as new.  Even better than new. You'll feel truly free. Free of guilt! Free of sadness! Free of the modern man's disease 


These are the freedoms and rights that you'll ever really need. 

Laws are always there and on paper they're perfect. 

We don't need to amend the laws and change the world. They always get broken anyway.

We just need to change ourselves 

We need not look further than ourselves 


 Bell Rings

The glass door slams shut 

The man from the apothecary waits for another customer to wander into his shop

Asking for a remedy

On how to be free

All for a reasonably small fee

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