Seasonal Depression.


Seasonal Depression.

On sunny days like today,

I wonder why you feel blue


Like a summer’s morning sky

Like the open oceans under sunlight

I wonder why you can’t feel all colors of the rainbow that arches over our heads

You try to explain it to me,

But your words are clinging to your tongue

And I’m not patient enough to even notice that you’re trying

Crying – you were crying for help

But how could the eyes see when the mind is blind?

When the heart is tied

To the mirage of a perfect life it cannot find


On cloudy days like today,

Trees stand naked at the whims of wind

I wonder why you can’t feel green instead

Fall wraps earth from roots to the stem

You fall asleep more now

Actually, you often oversleep,

And I keep tugging at your blanket of emotions

I’m lonely, would you let me in?

But most nights you’re sleepless

Chasing demons of anxiety and fear off your bed


On rainy days like today,

You seem to be drowning your sorrow in your own tears

It is you who’s drowning from within

You don’t know how to swim

I feel you slipping through my hands

No matter how hard I lock my fingers


On days like today,

My faith swings back and forth

Your face is clouded with stress and suicidal thoughts

I’m scared of not knowing what to do

Paranoia nested in the creases of my skin

I’m even more scared of losing you


On days like today,

Depression wins.

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